5 home trends on the rise

Home design professionals say these colors, materials and other features are taking off right now...

1. Browns are Back Taupes, beiges, sands — basically any earth tone seems to be gaining popularity. People still love gray, but there’s a shift toward grays with brown undertones — greiges, if you will — they don’t feel sterile or industrial and work well with both grays and browns.

2. Dark Jewel Tones

White isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but many design and building professionals report an uptick in requests from clients for something much darker, especially dark jewel tones. These dark and sexy colors tend to envelop the room and make every space feel very cozy. You will be seeing these darker colors on everything from wallpaper to furniture and in simple areas such as paint on the walls, and I fully embrace it.

Photo: 444 Shepherd Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 built by FG Schaub Custom Homes

3. Lighter Wood

Wood never goes out of style, but the popularity of various tones is always in flux. Lately, super light wood tones are having their moment. You’ll notice a return to lighter, warmer wood tones — away from the darker walnuts and mahoganies. Light wood flooring, in particular, is a top request.

5. Natural Materials March On

Engineered surfaces have a lot going for them in terms of durability and easy maintenance. But nothing compares with the look and feel of natural materials such as marble and other stones and real wood floors, all of which evolve over time to feature a patina that can’t be mimicked or repeated. Try selecting natural materials like marble and brass or polished nickel, oiled or waxed floors versus urethane. These pieces are a bit more vulnerable to age, but they can always be brought back to life, which gives them the longevity to withstand the trends.

Credit: Houzz 2020

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