5 Steps for Staying Organized During a Move

Moving can be physically and mentally overwhelming in the best of times, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic adds new challenges. The recommendations on social distancing mean you’ll need more coordination to manage your move to ensure that you and those working for you stay safe.

Here are five strategies to help you stay organized if facing a move, pandemic or not.

1. Create a Master Plan and Schedule

What needs to be completed and who will be involved in each part. Try creating a calendar of events so you have a visual of the overall timeline as well as your current progress.

A defined plan can prevent you from getting buried in or overlooking any of the details. It is also easier to delegate tasks and manage the different crews that will be in your home.

2. Declutter Before You Move

Packing can be hard work. Your first instinct may be to pack everything and review belongings once you’ve moved. Try putting I n the hard work of decluttering before the move.

Decluttering before your move will make unpacking at your new home more efficient and less chaotic.

3. Keep Track of Your Packed Boxes

When you’re ready to start packing, invest the time to track what you’ve packed. This will make it easier to direct movers when they unload at your new home or, if you’re the one moving your boxes, to know where to place items yourself.

4. Keep Valuable Items With You

Some items should always stay with you and not be out of your possession, even during a move. These would include things like:

  • Important documents such as passports, deeds and trusts, birth certificates and Social Security cards

  • Medications

  • Cash

  • Checkbook

  • Credit and ATM cards

  • Keys

  • Valuable, sentimental and irreplaceable items.

5. Delegate as Many Tasks as You Can

Moving is an enormous job that involves both big-picture management and attention to small details. No one should have to do it alone!

Graciously accept help from friends and family who kindly offer, even if it’s something as small as asking them to drop off a meal on moving day. If your budget allows, entrusting certain parts of your move to professionals such as home organizers, expert packers and move managers can ease your burden and keep you sane amid the process.

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