7 Elements of an Inspiring Home Gym

With stay at home orders and many gyms still being closed, now is a great time to build your home gym. Create a workout zone that will help you stay healthy, get you moving at home and incentivize you to exercise regularly.

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are helpful for checking proper form when lifting weights or doing yoga, and can boost light in a space with few windows.

2. Nonslip Floors

Proper flooring can help prevent injuries, and an attractive and comfortable floor will make your workout space more inviting.

3. Neat Gear Storage

Avoid the pileup of weights and props by including shelving in your workout zone.

4. TV, or a Tablet and Stand

Whether you use instructional videos to guide your home workouts or just want to watch a show while doing cardio, having a TV, tablet or smart phone in a home gym is a big draw. .

5. Music

Not so into TV? Crank up the tunes instead with a compact stereo that works with your MP3 player or phone.

6. Refreshing Water

One benefit of working out at home is that you don’t need to stick with plain bottled water.

7. Rolled White Towels

There is something so motivating about a stack of neatly rolled, fresh white towels.

Credit: Houzz

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